Jump Cross @ Priory Court Farm


The Exciting New Cross Country Discipline

Priory Court Farm has been holding regular Training Days for over six years now. We built our course over 25 acres of our land, including Ditches, Steps, Banks and two Water Jumps.

The site at Priory Court Farm, like many other JumpCross courses, is designed to provide horse & rider with the experience of cross country without having to worry about the dangers surrounding solid fences making it safer for horse and rider.


The courses are designed to challenge all levels and abilities from the seasoned competitor to the novice or nervous rider and combine the thrill of cross-country whilst demanding the skill and accuracy of show-jumping and give confidence to both horse and rider.  

Training Days with a qualified, JumpCross accredited instructor provide an opportunity to gain more knowledge of the sport including rules and scoring whilst the ‘Competition Training Days’ enable the rider to combine the above with a competition over a section of the course against the clock with rosettes being awarded at the end.   

Current standard body protectors, skull caps (PAS015 or VG1 01.040   2014-12 with BSI kite-mark or Inspec IC mark) and medical cards are compulsory for all JumpCross and Cross Country events.  No fixed peak hats will be allowed.  All riders should be confident cantering on grass in open spaces and jumping small fences. All riders will be assessed in the warm up arena prior to riding on the course.    


Any riders that do not meet the equipment or capabilities required will be turned away.


Training session with Competition (2 Hours)

This session provides a chance to negotiate ditches, water, banks and stiles combined with a small competition over a section of the course, including learning about the rules and scoring. Rosettes will be awarded to 3rd place.


Clear Rounds

Held throughout the summer, clear round days are a fun way to enjoy the JumpCross course at Priory Court Farm  


Training Session & Private Lessons (1 Hour)

This session focuses mainly on negotiating water jumps, ditches and banks and lasts for 1 hour. You will also get to practice other fences on the course as well as learning the rules of JumpCross.  In groups or Private sessions. 

JumpCross 2019 Prices

2 Hour sessions include a mini-competition at the end.  Private Lessons prices are for 1 hour sessions.  

1hr Group: Members £20 | Non-Members £28

2hr Group: Members £30 | Non-Members £38
2hr Group (Under 16): Members £25 | Non-Members £33

1 Hour Private : Members £25 | Non-Members £33

Clear Round : Members £8 | Non-Members £10
Mini Competition Classes: Members £10 | Non-Members £12

        JumpCross Training Day Form                      JumpCross Clear Round Entry Form 




If you are intending to train or compete at any JumpCross venue, you will need to obtain either an Annual or Day membership prior to the date of the training / competition.


• Annual membership - £27.00  

• Riding and Pony Club members - £20.00

• Family membership – 3 or more members of the same family, resident at the same address - £10.00 each

Membership Benefits include:

•JumpCross pack which includes, rulebook, pen, notepad, folder and car sticker 

•Rider medical card (which are mandatory for competitions and training days) 

•10% off JumpCross merchandise 

•5% off Safer by Design Training jump stands

•Access to Forum on the JumpCross website 

•Regular news updates on our website with training and competition date

•All members automatically entered into a monthly drawn to win prizes.

Download the application form HERE